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A Master Blog On QuickBooks

A Master Blog On QuickBooks – How to use

QuickBooks was launched as an accounting software by Inuit Inc. As per official data, this has a market share of 80%. This 80% market share sends a message for the accounting application that QuickBooks offers number one services to its users and businesses.

QuickBooks, generally, was developed to handle business:

  1. Small size business
  2. Medium size business
  3. Large business

Let us know what are the features of QuickBooks software application?

  1. QuickBooks is User-friendly: QuickBooks is easy to handle by the users of QuickBooks. Generally speaking, this software certainly has the virtue of being “user-friendly”.
  2. Easy process: This application can be easily handled without having any technical knowledge to operate.
  3. Transfer of data from one source to another: QuickBooks data can be easily managed your different sources.
  4. Business Projections: QuickBooks picks up your historical data and turned it into a projection for the future. All the projected data stands on the parameters of sales, expenses, profits, etc.
  5. Invoices Generation: Invoice generation takes up so much time, that it can eat your business time. With the guidance of QuickBooks, you are bound to generate invoices instantly.
  6. Bank Transactions: Every transaction is noted whether related to salary, wages, commissions, profits, expenses etc.
  7. Tax Calculations: This application will let you pay on time without becoming a defaulter in the eyes of law.

What are the different types of QuickBooks?

Below is the table which discuss the different types of QuickBooks with you.

QuickBooks Products Developed by Inuit Inc Developed for Which Category of Business? How Much They Worth for In the Money Segment?
QuickBooks Online   This version was especially made to help the businesses which are in the category of small and medium-sized businesses. Its price tag is between $20 – $60 per month
QuickBooks Desktop This version was made for enterprises which are in size of small and medium-sized. It ranges between $299 – $1,500. It has one-time fee.
QuickBooks Self-Employed Independent contractors, realtors, Uber/Lyft drivers use this version for their services. Its price ranges from $10 to $17 per month.
QuickBooks Mac This was mainly developed for Mac Users. Its price ranges from $299+.
QuickBooks Mobile APP It is for all time access to QuickBooks data and you can have it from anywhere. Its prices increase as you increase your modifications.

What are the Operations Performed by QuickBooks Software Application?

QuickBooks can solely perform various functions which are required for your business. But first of all, to utilize QuickBooks, you have to learn that how to use QuickBooks?

  1. Management of Income & Sales: Through this software, you can easily manage your sales & income. You can get a hold of various income heads by this application.
  2. Advanced Financial Reports: You are open to fetch your financial reports anytime from the software.
  3. Payroll Management: Pay your employees on time; cut their taxes as per the official government rules.
  4. Transactions: Every business transaction is managed by this application. All the data is recorded in a safe company file folder.
Our QuickBooks Support

To sum up, you are welcome to learn – how to use QuickBooks software from our dedicated team. Our team is working tirelessly for your queries. You will certainly get a team which will resolve all of your queries regarding the QuickBooks issues.

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